- It can work with a small LPG bottle up to 20 bars (please request a  regulator for big bottle. No regulator is required for a small bottle)
- No need any power supply. To been started to give off sparks by Magneto.
- Time option to explosion in between 1 and 20 min.
- It produces a sound of 120 db.
- It makes 5000 explosions with the small LPG bottle.
- It is effective in an area of 5000 m².
- It runs problem-free in bad weather conditions.
- The plastic parts are resistant to ultraviolet rays and the metal parts are galvanized.
- The easy to install and easy to use.
- It is delivered within a paper box.

NOTE: The tripod will be sent on your request.
-  Sunflower and corn fields against birds
-  Orchards and vegetable gardens against birds, warthogs and wildlife.
-  Poultry farms, fish farms and other breeding farms against birds and other wild animals.
-  Feed plants and granaries against birds.
-  Bee hives against endamaging bears.
-  Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) programmes

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